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Mature content
Monster Throw Down At Ocean Drive :iconanthroman106:AnthroMan106 2 2
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Werewolf Roman Comm Scene- Huge Mistake :iconanthroman106:AnthroMan106 5 16
The Birthday Drink by AnthroMan106 The Birthday Drink :iconanthroman106:AnthroMan106 1 0 Takeda Comm- Sofia-1989 by AnthroMan106
Mature content
Takeda Comm- Sofia-1989 :iconanthroman106:AnthroMan106 4 10
World War I RP
After watching the Battlefield 1 traliers, I have been pumped for it’s release. Now I have been RP set in World War I. So if there’s any historic Role Players out there, you came to the right place. Here are some of the things I can offer.
*Western Front:
-German and Austro-Hungarian Invasion of France and Belgium.
-Battle of Verdun.
-Battle of Somme.
-Battle of Passchendaele.
-Battle of Jutland (Naval only).
*Middle East Front:
-Arab Revolt.
-Battle of Gallipoli.
-Battles of Gaza.
-Battle of Beersheba.
-Battle of Mughar Ridge.
-Battle of Jerusalem.
*Perfered to use notes or Skype.
* I can do script and third person paragraphs, so pick what you perfer.
*Humans or furries, these are the only non mystical and supernatural choices.
*Fantasy and supernatural characters are allowed, as long their not OP.
*Can do general. But for 18+, you must be this age exact.
*In World War I there is field, arieal and naval combat. Mustard gas, trenches, machines guns, atrillery,
:iconanthroman106:AnthroMan106 1 1
The Call of Shadowclaw
It was a humid midnight in the city of Miami; Roman was sleeping at his master bedroom in his black shorts and a wolf’s tooth necklace with a tiny blue gem. He just got back from an outing with his co-workers and friends about an hour ago and he was exhausted from last night’s hunt. The city streets have been under an eerie and dark reputation by recent murders and grizzly actives by predatory creatures lurking through the dark. As if this night, it was very much quiet for what he expected during his start of his sleep, hoping nothing to interfere. But frankly this peaceful night of rest won’t go as planned.
Right out of the blue came a loud shriek of terror by female pedestrian. “HELP, THERES A FREAK CHASING ME!!! IT KILLED MY ROOMMATE!!!” she shouted in distraught. Roman immediately opens his brown eyes, hopping off the bed and rushing to the window. With the window curtain, he manages to gain view of the scene without having his face exposed. And there
:iconanthroman106:AnthroMan106 2 0
Takeda Yamaguchi Ref.
Name: Takeda Yamaguchi
Age: 516 (25, the last time he was a mortal.)
Species: Vampire.
Description: (Adopt B)
Nationality: Japanese
Sexual Orientation: Hetero
Occupation: Ninja, assassin, infiltrator, mercenary, and local legend.
Alignement: Dark good.
Personality: Deep with honor, bound by his former duty, high sense of justice, feirce towards enemies and also good person to get to know.
Likes: Art, history, fedual Japanese weapons, training, blood and killing for the honor of those tormented by monsters.
Dislikes: Injustice, being a vampire and malevolent-minded people and savage monsters.
- Chi No Ha Katana: Takeda’s primary. This weapon got it’s blood coloring from liquid cooling in the blood of an elite, but rouge kitsune. local mythologists believe that consuming or bathing in the blood of a powerful kitsune would either grant extraordinary powers...or turn the consumer into a dest
:iconanthroman106:AnthroMan106 0 17
Anton Novikov Ref.
Name: Anton Novikov
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Hedgehog
Description: In slot #4
Nationality: American
Sexual Orientation: Hetero
Occupation: Singer, guitarist and songwriter.
Personality:  Charismatic, honest, shy, open minded and expressional.
Likes: Music, writing, reading, good drinks, smoking, expressing issues.
Dislikes: Drugs, domestic problems, suicide, crime, political corruption and instability, his uncle being a Russian mafia member.
Background info: Anton was a middle child of a Russian immigrant family who came to America to avoid his uncle’s activities with the Russian Mafia. He often gets stressed with the family drama over him, his brother and sister not having jobs. After finishing high school, he used nearly his entire allowance he made from his part time job on a guitar and goes to public shopping centers, playing cover songs from his favorite artists,
:iconanthroman106:AnthroMan106 0 3
Roman's Home and Cars.
For this wittren reference of my main OC, it's going to be on his property and vehicles.
Roman's Mansion: For what I can best describe for his Miami mansion. The outside color is adobe tan with a brick red colored roof. The floorplan design is two stories with five bedrooms/bathrooms, a kitchen, living room. Also includes an underground level with two basements which are renovated into a home theater and the other a man cave with a bar, a poker and pool table, lounging area, a wall hanged Cuban flag and a cigar humidor fridge. Ouside there is large back yeard with a fountian, a pool, barbecue grill, private tennis court and outdoor lounging section.
-White 1985 Ferrari Testarossa hardtop with a flying mirror (Which means no passenger mirror. The driver side mirror is adjusted up to half of the height of the window.
-Red 2005 Porsche Carrera GT hardtop.
-Black 1974 Ferrari 365 GTS/4 Daytona convertable.
-Gray 1964 Aston
:iconanthroman106:AnthroMan106 0 7
Roman At The Beach Comission. by AnthroMan106 Roman At The Beach Comission. :iconanthroman106:AnthroMan106 9 22 Roman Request Sketch by AnthroMan106 Roman Request Sketch :iconanthroman106:AnthroMan106 7 6


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Costumes of Stella (Interactive) by EVOV1
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Costumes of Stella (Interactive) :iconevov1:EVOV1 189 45
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Thank you very much for stating the vote of Net Neutrality repeal, Mr. AssShit Pie, you grinning waste of creation peice of shit. I just hope Congress and Supreme court dumps your shitty monopolistic and anti-free net vote. And hopefully, I hope they vote to repeal your ass out of the chair.
Finally the biggest scum of the Earth dies.
If you kill Net Neutrality, you'll outrage the American people. Dec 14 is their final vote meeting.
Finally finished the Punisher and its fuckin' A++!


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Just a guy who is a video game addict and likes anthros and wereanimals.

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